What to expect

  1. Please take a flight if you want a fast and modern transport. 
  2. The train itself is very old in comparison with Europe and other developed countries.
  3. Our private carriages are attached to the VNR train SE19/20, we have to follow VNR requirements, so they look the same outside. If there are some delays. it’s out of our control, VNR drive the train, not us. We will manage to arrange alternative mean of transportation if the delays are more than 3 hours.
  4. The ride is noisy and bumpy, so, bring the earplugs with you.
  5. Our carriages are nice and clean. Bed covers, blankets, duvet are changed and cleaned after each ride.
  6. Clean toilets and sinks are shared among travelers on the carriage.
  7. The beds are comfy and clean with good bedding, supper big and soft mattresses.
  8. Wi-Fi is working great except mountainous areas with some intermittent especially between Hue and Danang.
  9. Welcome snacks and drinks with beer, coke, wine, coffee, light breakfast with croissants and white toasts, fruits are all included. we do not serve dinner or lunch. There’re a dinning car on the train so you can buy more snacks and drinks, and some typical but fast foods on the train.
  10. Luggage are with you in the cabin, underneath the lower berths or up onto the overhead storage.
  11. Booking 4 tickets or less will ensure your are in the same cabin, if not, we will let you know when confirm your booking.
  12. Our own train attendants are always onboard to take care of your ride.
  13. Great place for vegetarian foods near the Hanoi railways station: https://maps.app.goo.gl/BQhkivuYJ9Jp6eMd6
  14. The dinning car on the train is not our Lotus train service, it’s state owned Vietnam Railways Service.

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